@2017 Bolante Photography


Event & Corporate Photography Services

While we the majority of our work is on Wedding, Family & Reception, we also love shooting events!


Below you'll find a few of our most recent 2017 shoots. . . 


~ Shoot Nikon (D5, D4s & D750).  All Pro-Level Gear.  Use all the usual fast/prime lenses, typically 35mm/85mm/70-200/105mm pre-reception, 24mm/35mm during reception.


~ Complete Off-Camera Flash/Lighting:

OCF Speedlights, Profoto B2, GL-1 Gunlight . . . JVS style-crossing OCF for reception


Coverage Area: Based NY Tri-State Area,  will travel internationally if needed

Rate: $700/hr

*Plus Travel Expenses (Gas/Toll/Parking) within 100 miles, lodging if beyond 100 miles and wedding ends 11pm or later.


USE OF CAPTURED IMAGES:  Private/internal use standard.  Use for marketing/print purposes negotiable.